About Me


My name is Damon Czanik (sounds like Day-Mone Zan-Nick). I'm an artist, and programmer.

Professionally I work at ApplusRTD as a computer programmer creating Web applications and Tablet apps for our customers. I'm also a consultant for ClickTeam, the makers of Click-n-Play, Multi-Media Fusion, Clickteam Fusion.

Feel free to browse my LinkedIn Page here for qualifications, recommendations, and work history.

My passion is art, and I love playing, and making games in my spare time.  Feel free to check out my Deviant Art page to download and see more artwork.

I've made a few popular games on multiple platforms.  Some of the games I've worked on:

Ur-Quan Masters High Definition:  This is a remake of 1992's Game of the Year, Star Control 2: The Ur-Quan Masters. It's one of the highest PC games of all time on Metacritic (9.6/10).  You can View the trailer here.

Ur-Quan Masters: Project 6014:  The fan sequel to Ur-Quan Masters High Definition. Featuring all new adventures, new art, and a new story.

7 Deadly Sins: A Mod to Sins of the Solar Empire. Featuring the ships of Star Control, Star Wars, Masters of Orion, and many other SotSE mods. Featured in PC Gamer magazine (July 2008).

Untitled Star Control/Ur-Quan Masters XNA 3D game. Possibly to be merged with Project 6014, it


will feature completely new mods, and be completely in 3D. 

Untitled Wing Commander Game: A Unity game. Best way I can describe it as being "Wing Commander 2 Re-Imagined". You can check out it out our hangar here. (requires Unity web plugin)

Wing Commander Saga: Untitled Kilrathi mod: A single player game for Wing Commander Saga featuring the point of view from the Kilrathi.

I've also provided artwork for OpenGame Art, several unreleased (or unfinished) games.

Damon Czanik