Wing Commander Re-Imagined Dralthi in 3D by Damon Czanik

A while ago I created this picture:

With the hopes of creating it in 3D. Sadly, time is an issue for me. But, this artwork inspired Zohrath so much, he re-created the ship in 3D:


I can't tell you how this feels as an artist. To see other artists inspired to create more artwork based off of my work. It's about the best compliment one artist can give to another. I know, if you've seen my Scalf Dragon you'll know I did it because of my admiration for Chris Scalf's work.  Inspiring other artists. It's a great feeling.

Welcome to my personal Blog! by Damon Czanik

I don't plan on writing much in here.  I've found most blogs rather boring, so this will primarily have my game updates, art updates, and possibly major life events.  

What's my various projects?  

  • I'm about done with my huge web/tablet app system for Chevron. Yay!
  • Project 6014: We're emailing story elements with about 3 people. 
  • SC-3D: The untitled 3D 6014 (Ur-Quan Masters XNA fan sequel) : I haven't taken a couple weeks off to work on another project. That project is:
  • Working with Howard Day on a Wing Commander hangar demo. Howard Day is a 3D artist I've idolized for years. The fact that he's a fan of my stuff is truly an honor.  There's also another project which we may work on together.

  • UQM-HD: Beta 1 is OUT. Go get it! Also, it made the top of Metacritics "Best PC Games of all time", by user score. It didn't stay there long, but it was nice to say I had the greatest PC game ever made.....for about a week. ;)