Damon Czanik

E-Mail: dczanik@gmail.com  Phone(661) 752-5850 

700 Spring Meadows #2, Bakersfield, CA 93308

Work History

ApplusRTD (2011 - Present) :a leading global energy service provider providing technical assurance through non destructive testing.

Position: Computer Programmer, R&D Department

Duties: Making web applications and tablet applications for employees and customers like Chevron, and Aera energy.  

RenewData Corporation (2008 - 2010)A technology company specializing in secure data archiving, and an industry leader in E-Discovery

Position: Systems Administrator, IT Department

  • System Administrator for 700+ systems in multiple domains with high levels of security
  •  Responsible for maintaining and repairing hundreds of tape drives and servers that process several Petabytes of storage every month
  •  Proposed & implemented SATA upgrade project for processing systems allowing users to increase productivity, speed, and reducing long term costs.
  •  Helped maintain a variety of government level security systems such as RFID badges, fingerprint scanners, Security cameras, motion detectors, man traps, etc.
  • Set up & Racked and maintained servers, and network cables in the company's two data centers.

Scicon Technologies Corporation (2004 – 2006): A high tech rapid prototyping company supplying many Fortune 500 companies. 

Position: Systems Administrator, IT Department

  • Represented 50% of the IT Department, and 100% of the programming
  • Created many business critical programs such as Sales quoting system, work order system, hardware/software audit program, Purchase Order system.
  • Co-Managed Exchange E-Mail Server
  • Ran Help Desk for 80 computers, 15 servers, and 3 phone systems.
  • Provided on-site support for clients.
  • Designed business cards, ads, brochures, etc.

Avibank Mfg. Inc. (1997 - 2004) - a leading manufacturer of fastening systems supplying the aerospace industry.

Starting Position: Jr. Programmer

Ending Position: Senior PC Specialist

  • In charge of fixing & managing the company's 350 computers in 3 separate locations.
  • Programming the UNIX based Intranet, using PHP, HTML, Informix, MySQL
  • System administrator for 8 Windows Servers.
  • Created software for real time automation system for testing aircraft parts saving hours of manual quality testing by people.
  • Created an Audit program to track hardware, and software, & analyze potential problems to create a proactive solution to computer management.
  • Created knowledge base to help share information between workers.


Multiple technical and art certifications 

Took MIT's online equivalent of Massachusetts Institute of Technology Computer Science classes. 

Attended College of the Canyons: Computer Science Major

Graduated at Saugus High School 1995

Software Knowledge

Operating Systems

  • Windows Server (From NT to 2012)
  • UNIX Servers (AIX, Linux)
  • Windows Desktop Software (DOS 4.x to Windows 8)
  • Apple OS: From Apple 2Gs/Mac 1.0  to OS-X Mountain Lion

Web Development

  • HTML5 (Advanced)
  • PHP (Advanced)
  • CSS (Intermediate)
  • Javascript (Intermediate)
  • Ruby (Beginner)
  • WebGL (Beginner)
  • JQuery (Intermediate) 


  • Perl (Intermedate)
  • C,C++,C#, C# XNA (Beginner)
  • UNIX scripting (Intermediate) 
  • Pascal, GL-Pro, Kixtart, Q-Basic, GW-Basic, Mac Basic (Expert)

Art Software

  • Photoshop (Expert)
  • 3D Studio Max (Intermediate)
  • Mudbox (Advanced)
  • After Effects (Intermediate)
  • Video Editors (Sony Vegas, Final Cut Pro, Camtasia) (Intermediate to expert)

Other Software:

  • Databases (MS-SQL, MySQL, Informix, PostgreSQL, Access, FoxPro, etc.) (Intermediate to Expert)
  • MS Office (Expert)


Hobbies & Interesting Information

  • Wrote first game at age 11
  • Creator, lead artist, Project Lead for Ur-Quan Masters HD, and Ur-Quan Masters Project 6014
  • Brown belt in Kenpo Karate
  • Built a car computer with GPS, MP3 Player, Voice Control

Linked in Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/damon-czanik/12/87b/493

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